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Vesuvius Contact Festival


Vesuvius Contact Festival

6 days of Contact Improvisation on the slopes of Vesuvius

13 - 18 SEPTEMBER 2022


Vesuvius Contact Fest, 6 days of Contact Improvisation on the slopes of Vesuvius to celebrate the end of summer by dancing and celebrating together the 50th anniversary of the birth of the C.I.

They will be days of study, sharing, research and fun just a stone's throw from the archaeological park of Pompeii and the sea.
In this first edition, the morning intensive will be held by Itay Yatuv, while the afternoons will be dedicated to the classes of teachers from the Italian community and the proposals of the participants that we will collect together. And every night… JAM!

The event will be hosted by the Sharing Art association in a brand new space surrounded by nature, equipped with two dancefloors, a bar and space for tents; the cuisine will be vegetarian.

The event is organized by CI.NA - Contact Improvisation Napoli in collaboration with Klimax Dance and Sharing Art Pompei.


Practical Infos

DATES: From 13th to 18th September 2022 (5 nights), arriving on 13th afternoon and leaving on 18th afterlunch
WHERE: Pompeii (Naples) - reachable from the A3 motorway, or by trains leaving from Naples directed to Sorrento (Circumvesuviana line) or Salerno (Trenitalia)
PROGRAM: Intensive Course in the morning - Single classes and participants' proposals in the afternoons - Jam every evening
SLEEPING: in your own tent, or in a sleeping bag and mat in a pre-assembled tent (limited places, at the time of registration we will notify you if your choice is confirmed)
FOOD: Vegetarian - meals included are from dinner on 13th to lunch on 18th September
COST: Early Bird Sliding Price (available until July 15th): from 330 to 370€ | after July 15th: 370€
Sliding Price: those who can pay more support the event and people who are in more difficult situations; pay as much as you can, knowing that your generosity makes the event possible!
REGISTRATION: registration page
CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





"Slow food dance"- 9h Intensive


Lately I've been diving into the notion of the BEGINNING of a dance, how long is 'a beginning'? What makes this part so unique and important? The last year has kept many of us apart from each other. It has taken some of us away from the connection with our body, with our movement, from our dance. Gathering together again will be an opportunity to find a fresh start.

A class will start with exploration of movement skills on our own such as floor work, falling into the floor, using momentum, and arraigning our limbs to meet the floor in an effective way. With a partner we'll try to do the same.

Then, there's the dance. When does something work? Why? I'm interested in the learning process which happens within the duet. Through games and different tricks, we'll try to disrupt our habits and discover new ways of challenging our borders. It might be weird but it's got to be fun!

The work process this time will focus on the idea of labbing, with the intention of allowing dancers to also experiment with independent research of questions and challenges that arise from practice.

Former Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, Itay has been practicing and teaching CI for 20 years. Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel.
Itay is an Aikido practitioner, a practice he integrates in his dance work.
In the last decade, Itay has been developing the Contakids method which invites children and parents to play together through movement and touch



Itay Yatuv



"Transitions" - class


In this class we will play around the concept of transition, intended both as a change of state in a static sense, therefore as a well-defined intermediate condition, and as an ongoing evolution that highlights the dynamism of the concept and opens up infinite possibilities for change and movement! How to make a smooth and pleasant transition in dance? How can I take advantage of the opportunities it offers me? How to go from giving to receiving weight in a playful and enjoyable way?


Gestal couselor and dancer-therapist in training with the DMT-ER method developed by Vincenzo Bellia, I started my research in the field of Contact Improvisation about 10 years during my studies in contemporary dance. Later I trained with several teachers including Martin Keogh, Frey Faust, Scott Wells, Ray Chung, Urs Stauffer, Simonetta Alessandri, Leilani Weiss, Nita Little, Mark Taylor, Thomas Mettler, Itay Yatuv, Alex Guex, Linda Bufali, Michele Marchesani, Angelica Donyi, Bernd Knappe and Monica Morselli, Silvia Vladimisky and others.
Since 2015 I am part of the CI.NA group that deals with the organization and promotion of the practice of Contact Improvisation through the teaching of the same practice and the organization of Contact jam and workshops with national and international teachers. I have taught in Italy and abroad (Brazil, Uruguay, Switzerland), currently I live and work in Naples where I offer regular contact improvisation and dance therapy lessons.



Mela Belletto



"Instant composition strategies" - class


In this class we will practice some fundamental strategies of Instant Composition: imitation, interpretation and development of movement, the support of an intention and the creation of a focus. We will enter into a relationship with and without contact, drawing on our creative and imaginative universe, with a focus on research and play.

Vera De Propris met Contact Improvisation in 2003 and has never stopped practicing, spreading and teaching it.
She trained with masters such as Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, Julyen Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, Simone Forti, Ray Chung and many others.
She teaches C.I. and Instant Composition to people of all ages, in various contexts and international festivals.
She has also organized a lots of events including 10 editions of the Rome international Jam (with the "RomaContact" Collective) and 3 editions of the Italy Contact Camp.
In 2018 she went to the United States, to participate in the “Long Dance” research project, under the direction of Nancy Stark Smith.
Since 2007 she has performed as a "performer" in formal and informal contexts dedicated to improvisation.
She considers Contact Improvisation a very precious practice in her life and a privileged channel of communication, knowledge and self-expression.



Vera De Propris



"Organic/Organization" - class


We will begin by exploring the fundamentals of our movement looking for an organic organization of our body; bringing into our movement the idea of the body as a universe made up of parts in communication with each other.
We will focus on the extremities, exploring different qualities and possibilities of movement; analyzing hands, arms and legs we will aim for fluidity, exploring rhythm, dynamics, weight shifting and reversibility.
We will bring this material into dance with partners by exploring the relationships and communication between bodies, seeking a clear and interdependent dialogue.

In Bologna she first encountered CI and it became her dance language. She began to travel and study around the world with many different teachers, including: Steve Paxton, Charlie Morrissey, Linda Bufali, K.J.Holmes, Otto Ramstad, Martin Keogh, Anjelika Doniy, Anya Cloud, Daniel Lepkoff.
With Steve Paxton she trained on Material for the Spine, completely immersing herself in his research, and continued her study with Otto Ramstad (USA-Oslo), who combines this technique with principles of Body Mind Centering and improvisation; she fell in love with BMC, combining it with her dance skills.

She has been teaching CI in Bologna since 2012 and has participated as a teacher in numerous international festivals and held intensive workshops around the world.
She is one of the organizers of the Italy Contact Fest, the Being Touch Festival, ECITE 2022 (international meeting of Contact Improvisation teachers) which will take place in Portugal, and the CI Global Calendar.



Nica Portavia



"Body and space" - class


The proposal places the interest on the manifestation of an authentic and surprising acting in freedom with attention to the continuous change of the architecture of bodies in space. We will give the body time to make itself available to react to internal and external stimuli using body work and games. We will follow different paths to improvise in and out of contact with one or more partners by navigating between Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition. Listening and curiosity will be able to offer us a unitary process capable of observing oneself and the whole in a broad and open way. What is the relationship between body and space? What moves me and makes me make a certain choice in dance? What do we do to nurture presence?

Dancer and performer, he studied various disciplines including yoga, African dance, contemporary dance, floor work, dance theater, capoeira, danceabilty, qi gong, ballet, bar on the ground and Contact Improvisation. He has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation regularly for about 15 years. He studied with: Nita Little, Daniel Lepkof, Julyen Hamilton, Kristie Simpson, Katie Duck, Andrew Harwood, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Frey Faust, Urs Stauffer. For about 5 years he has been interested in the holistic vision in dance that led him to research the practices of Andean mysticism with the anthropologist Dario Astengo.



Marco Ubaldi



"CI50? Preludes to Contact Improvisation" - lecture


A visual story of the gestation of Contact Improvisation seasoned with myths, contradicting narratives, faded memories, micro-stories, reflections, bar stories, curiosities, interviews and unpublished documents.

Independent dance artist, teacher and researcher. He holds a degree in Dance-Performance from the Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten Arnhem-European Dance Development Center, Arnhem, Netherlands (1994). He is professor of Alexander Technique, graduated from the ATCA - Alexander Technique Center Amsterdam (2007). He has experience in education, with emphasis on: Alexander Technique, Ideokinesis, Dance, Performance, Contact Improvisation, Composition and Improvisation. Now he lives and teaches in Brasilia (Brazil).



Camillo Vacalebre